Extraordinary pays it forward.

Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan are the founders of SKY TING YOGA, a New York City yoga studio that doesn’t take itself too seriously. With three light and plant-filled locations across the city, SKY TING has established itself as the go-to studio for design-minded New Yorkers who want a beautiful space to relax and retreat from the hustle. Krissy and Chloe share how playfulness is a part of their practice, what mentorship means to them, and how helping others to succeed is an Extraordinary act.

We wanted to start a yoga studio that would give people the space and opportunity to invest in themselves. To us, yoga is a tool to enhance who you are as an individual. It takes you off your humdrum path, where you’re not looking left or right, to a place where you can be present with whatever it is that you’re doing and do it all with a 

We’re not GURUS, but ordinary people whose LIVES are ENHANCED through YOGA. And with SKY TING, we’re simply PASSING ALONG the all that we’ve ABSORBED from our OWN TEACHERS.

sense of joy.

The yoga world can be very serious, but we’re not serious at all. We try to have fun in our classes and not to be dogmatic. We don’t tell our students, Don’t eat meat. Don’t drink coffee. We’re like, Hey, we do all this stuff. We’re not gurus, but ordinary people whose lives are enhanced through yoga. And with SKY TING, we’re simply passing along the all that we’ve absorbed from our own teachers.  

Our mentor Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga inspires how we approach the practice. As former professional dancers, yoga started as a complimentary training with dance; a fun movement that felt good in the body. But Nevine really upped the ante as to what yoga is really about and why it works so well. She helped us solidify our ideas around how we want to practice and what we want to teach, making sure that we always follow our own path. What we admire most about Nevine, and the other teachers who’ve mentored us over the years, is that they do things their way, and not because they’re trendy or fashionable.

SKY TING is an accumulation of what we’ve learned from Nevine, our dance background, and our initial training in Vinyasa yoga. We took Nevine’s methods and combined them with a more dance-based or flow-based style of yoga that feels authentic to us. That’s what makes SKY TING different; it’s a unique blend of everything we’ve picked up along the way. Plus, our classes are continually evolving. We’ll teach something one year and be like, Oh, that way sucks. Let’s teach it this way now. As Nevine says, “There’s more

than one way to bake a cookie, and they’re all great.” Yoga is about finding what works for you.

Now we’re at the point where we’re passing along our knowledge to new teachers. SKY TING’s teacher training program began two years ago; since then, we’ve hired a lot of the people who came out of our program, which is an incredible thing to see. Over time, we think this is where we’ll put our focus, mentoring and bringing up the next generation. And then invite those teachers to be a part of growing and building the SKY TING community.

What’s great about SKY TING is that our teachers are also our friends. Same with the students; we know their names and get to know them personally. There are moments, especially after class, when we’re talking with students, and someone tells us how much they appreciate the studio. One student told us, “Hey I want to thank you for opening SKY TING. I met my boyfriend here.” In the day to day, we sometimes forget that our business is providing a real service to the community, a space where people can come together and build relationships. It’s these moments that remind us why we started SKY TING in the first place.